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     Beijing TopTech Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to anti-terrorism and emergency fields, which embodies long-term sales experiences in providing highly qualified and specialized equipments for security, explosives, and special arms. Adhering to the culture of "unity, hard-work, fair, and efficiency" and the spirit of "innovation, development, people-centered", the company strives to achieve win-win between the company, employees, and the customers. With the headquarter in Beijing, and offices in Shandong, Tianjin and Guangdong, we have earned a wide reputation country wide.

The whole personnel ranging from business to after sales have been in this field for a long time and have undertaken serious training frm home and abroad. They have anticipated major events like Beijing Olympics, Shanghai Expo, and Dalian Davos Forum. With the attitude of hard-working, dedication, and high responsibility, we have got the high reputation from the customers. Also the highly qualified products and dedicated service deeply impress the customers.

    Company has achieved ISO9001 certification. From purchasing to testing, we have strictly adhered to ISO9001 system, to provide reliable products for the customers. In addition, the company has received the special equipment business approval issued by Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Besides the products from home, we are also well aware of the newest and highly advanced equipment for security and explosives from the world. We have represented many well-known manufacturers of equipment for security, explosives detection, inspection, investigation, and special police, such as explosive / drug detectors, X-ray inspection systems, walk-through metal detectors, non-linear detector, sniper detection system, and sniper central control systems. At the same time, we also represent famous products from nationwide. Among the exclusively represented products, IONAB explosive / drug detector gives the world's fastest response, with short cleaning, no radioactive sources, and integrated tri-modes. In subway system, the solely repesented Italy EMA-2 Plus liquid detector is the world's most advanced and most stable product, with lowest false alarms.


Let us join together and creat a bright future!

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